Your question: Does marble slab have dairy free options?

Does marble slab have vegan?

Yes. We have 4 different vegan flavours that can be made into any of our treats, or Cakes. … We also have a wide array of rotating flavours.

Does Marble Slab Creamery have yogurt?

Did you know that we offer more than 65 Mix-Ins, including the finest fruits, nuts, candies and cookies? The possible combinations are endless. Pick your favorite Homemade Ice Cream, Yogurt or Sorbet.

Does marble slab have gluten?

Marble Slab has an allergen list for their ice cream flavours on their website. Their allergen chart follows the US “Big 8” that includes wheat. Click here for Marble Slabs nutritional info page. Marble Slab makes a great gluten free friendly kids option for a dessert!

Does marble slab have gluten free ice cream?

To inquire more about our delicious variety of premium ice cream flavors, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free options, and frozen treats, please visit or follow along on our Instagram for constant upcoming promotions

What is vegan at Marble Slab?

We have launched our Vegan Ice Cream and we can’t wait to share it with you! Our delicious coconut milk-based ice cream comes in 4 different, yummy flavours. Our refreshing and smooth coconut milk, strawberry banana, chocolate and pina colada! The natural ingredients really get to shine on its own.

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Does Marble Slab use eggs?

Marble Slab does not have an allergen free environment. … The FDA has come up with the “Big 8” allergens as: eggs, milk, peanuts, soybean, tree nuts, wheat, fish and shellfish. (In Canada: must include Sulfites and Sesame Seeds).

How much does a slab of marble cost?

The average cost for marble slab countertops is $60 per square foot but can range from $40 to $100 per square foot.

2. Marble Prices Per Square Foot.

Type Per Square Foot
Carrara $40
Calacatta $180
Statuario $50
Danby $80

Does marble slab have ice cream for dogs?

Blockhead Bullies Canada’s Aaron let us know that the first treat their puppies ever have is Marble Slab lactose free and vegan ice cream. … One of their dogs named Honey Bear is now a super fan of our ice creams! That just goes to show you that ice cream lovers come in all shapes and sizes.

Does marble slab have non dairy ice cream?

Plenty of ice cream lovers may see this as the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a cow. … On the opposite end of the spectrum, six chains earned an “F” grade because they “offer no vegan ice cream or sorbet options”: Braum’s, Dairy Queen, Marble Slab Creamery, Oberweis Dairy, Sloan’s Ice Cream, and Tasi D-Lite.

Does marble slab have sugar free?

Marble Slab Offers Tasty Healthy Options

Ice cream is a treat that you enjoy once in a while, not something you eat every day. … These options include low-fat sorbets, no-sugar-added ice cream, and low-calorie yogurt flavors.

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Does marble slab have ice cream cakes?

It’s the ultimate flavor trifecta of cookies, cake and fudge. We’ve combined our delicious Birthday Cake Ice Cream with Oreo® cookies, a layer of chocolate cake and a dreamy layer of fudge.

Is Marble Slab nut free?

Allergies & Intolerances (cont’d)

You can use the Special Instructions field on your order to notify the restaurant about any allergies or intolerances. As all of Marble Slab’s products are made fresh in store for your enjoyment, please be advised that their store is not a 100% nut or gluten-free environment.