You asked: Why are my vegan macarons flat?

Why did my macarons not rise?

The reason your macarons aren’t rising may be due to the fact that you didn’t whip your egg whites correctly or they lost their shape when they were folded into the rest of the batter. Macarons get their shape from egg whites, which means if you aren’t whipping them properly you won’t see them rising when they bake.

What happens if you overmix macarons?

Don’t over mix the batter

You don’t want to under mix your macaron batter and you definitely don’t want to over mix it. Under mixing it will leave little peaks on the shells, but over mixing can cause the shells to spread and get really flat and crispy.

Can you rest macarons for too long?

“Can My Shells Be Too Dry or “Over-Rested?” Yes, it can. More is definitely not better. If your shells have already developed a skin and lost its glossy sheen, put them in the oven.

How long should I let my macarons sit?

Drying or resting the macarons shells means to leave them uncovered, piped on the baking sheets, for 20 to 40 minutes, in a cool, dry place. This step will allow the batter to form a thin skin. The batter will look duller and it shouldn’t stick to your finger if you carefully touch it.

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Can I use hair dryer to dry macarons?

You can use a hair dryer to dry the macarons, or alternatively, let the macarons dry in an air-conditioned room. The shell of the macarons should be dry before placing in the oven. Drying time is also affected by weather and humidity.