Which Smart Balance is dairy free?

Is Smart Balance dairy-free vegan?

Summary: All Smart Balance Butters are dairy-free. Most flavors have vitamin D added, which comes from lanolin (sheep’s wool oil) The “Organic” and “Light with flaxseed oil” flavors are both technically vegan, but have palm oil, which many strict vegans avoid.

Is Smart Balance Light butter dairy-free?

Use our buttery Smart Balance light for all your spreading and topping needs. 50% less calories and 75% less saturated fat than butter, with 100% dairy-free ingredients. Butter 7g sat fat; this product 1.5g sat fat. Dairy free.

Is Smart Balance with olive oil dairy free?

Enjoy all of these dairy free/lactose free products: Smart Balance Original. Smart Balance Omega-3. Smart Balance Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Which is better Earth Balance or Smart Balance?

Earth Balance is a similar product to Smart Balance. … It has more calories than Smart Balance (100 kcals per tablespoon) and more saturated fat (3.5 grams) but it also is free of trans fat, partially hydrogenated and fully hydrogenated oils. It is another fine choice so long as you watch the portions.

Is Smart Balance butter good for high blood pressure?

Helps support healthy blood pressure. (The natural oil blend used in this buttery spread is based on Brandeis University’s cholesterol research and U.S. patents.) Only 30 mg sodium per serving.

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Did Smart Balance change?

says it is improving its Smart Balance line of buttery spreads, switching to “higher quality dairy free recipes” that it says will taste, cook and bake more like butter. … Last year, Boulder Brands (Nasdaq: BDBD) announced it was transitioning to non-genetically-modified ingredients for its Smart Balance spreads.