Is V8 hydrate gluten free?

Does V8 hydrate have caffeine?

V8 +ENERGY 8 oz cans and 12 oz Sparkling cans contain 80 milligrams of caffeine. Our 11.5oz V8 +ENERGY drink contains 115 milligrams of caffeine.

How much V8 should I drink a day?

Servings of vegetables

Experts recommend that adult men eat 3 cups and adult women eat 2 ½ cups of vegetables per day. Technically, there are 2 servings of vegetables in 8 oz of original V8.

What were the original 8 vegetables in V8?

The original V8 is a savory juice. It is made mainly from water and tomato concentrate, and reconstituted vegetable juice blend: water and concentrate of eight vegetables, specifically: beets, celery, carrots, lettuce, parsley, watercress, spinach, and tomato.

Does V8 have electrolytes?

Surprisingly the V8 had the most electrolytes. I observed that the V8 has the most electrolytes because the vegetables and the number of milligrams of sodium and potassium were more than all the other drinks I tested. It has the most energy and could replace the electrolytes much better than all the other drinks.

Do you shake V8?

Important information. Ingredients: Vegetable Juice, (Water And Concentrated Juices Of Tomatoes, Carrots, Celery, Beets, Parsley, Lettuce, Watercress, Spinach), Salt, Natural Flavoring, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Beta Carotene, Citric Acid. Shake well before opening.

Is V8 hydrate being discontinued?

V8 on Twitter: “Unfortunately, this variety has been discontinued, but we have some new flavors coming soon, so stay tuned!… ”

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What does hydrate taste like?

What does Hydrate taste like? Hydrate only comes one flavor: Citrus. It’s a very light citrus flavor, nothing overpowering. Some people have mixed thoughts about the taste of Hydrate (I like it!), but I think that’s due to the fact that they’re expecting something more like those sugary sports drinks.