Is Publix apple pie vegan?

What Apple pies are vegan?

Keep your eyes peeled for these vegan pies:

  • Dutch Apple Pie.
  • Razzleberry Pie.
  • Lattice Apple Pie.
  • Lattice Peach Pie.

Does Publix have apple pie?

The classic. Made with Crispin and Greening apples and cinnamon, with plenty of chunks of fruit in the filling. Baked fresh in bakery.

Does Publix have good apple pie?

Apple Pie. This American classic is a repeat winner! Our Apple Pie took home a blue ribbon in the Traditional Apple category. Filled with Crispin and Greening apples and cinnamon, it’s hard not to drool over this.

Are Walmart apple pies vegan?

Apple pie filling is mostly just apples and water, so it’s usually 100% vegan-friendly. For example, Great Value (Walmart) Apple Pie contains: Apples.

Are apple pies vegan at mcdonalds?

Fortunately, the McDonald’s baked apple pie is vegan! As reported by Thrillest, the tasty and very popular menu item does not contain milk, butter, or any meat. That means it’s both vegan and vegetarian.

Are any pies vegan?

Marie Callender’s Dutch Apple Pie, Razzleberry Pie, Cherry Crunch Pie, Lattice Apple Pie, and Lattice Peach Pie are ALL vegan! Want to know something even crazier? You can buy these at pretty much any grocery store.

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How long is Publix apple pie?

Freshly baked apple pie will keep well for about 4 to 5 days in the refrigerator; cover loosely with foil or plastic wrap. Can you freeze apple pie? Yes, to freeze: wrap apple pie tightly with aluminum foil or plastic freezer wrap, or place in heavy-duty freezer bag.

Is Publix apple pie dairy free?

Product Description

Certified gluten-free. Egg free. Nut free. Dairy free.

Does Publix make their own pies?

Pies: National award-winners baked fresh daily with quality ingredients. Mini Pies: Our Mini Key Lime Pie and Mini Mango Key Lime Pie are made daily.

Does Publix have sugar free apple pie?

No sugar added. … See nutrition panel for information on sugars, calories, total fat, and saturated fat. Publix Guarantee: Complete satisfaction or your money back.

How much are Mcdonald’s apple pies?

McDonald’s Menu Prices

Food Size Price
Apple Slices $1.00
Desserts & Shakes
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) Small $2.19
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) Medium $2.59

How much do apple pies cost?

Chart: Cost of Homemade Pie Per Slice

# of slices 6 whole pie
apple with Miyoko $1.64 $9.83
apple with EB $1.21 $7.23
crust with Miyoko $0.94 $5.65
crust with EB $0.51 $3.05