Is life alive vegan?

Is Life Alive falafel gluten-free?

By providing you with ease and great enjoyment in one of the most important aspects of your wellbeing, we give you the profound experience of contributing to personal and planetary wellness as you blissfully nourish yourself. Namaste! Gluten-Free and Vegan!

Is life alive gluten-free?

Life Alive

Life Alive specializes in vegetarian and vegan dishes and is prepared to cater to gluten-free diners with everything from salads and veggie bowls to smoothies and juices.

Did Panera buy life alive?

The backstory: Panera Bread founder and former CEO Ron Shaich was a Life Alive customer. After Panera was acquired by JAB Holding Co. … One of those brands is Life Alive, which Act III acquired from its founder when it had three units.

Did Panera buy Tatte?

In 2016, Or sold just over 50 percent of her company to Panera Bread and continued to operate Tatte as an independent company. In 2017, when Panera founder and CEO Ron Shaich sold Panera for $7.5 billion to JAB Holding Corp. and left the company, he took Panera’s share of Tatte with him.

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