Frequent question: Is soreen apple loaf vegan?

Are Apple Soreen vegan?

Less than 1.5% saturated fat. Suitable for vegetarians.

Is Apple Soreen healthy?

Recognised as a healthy snack by the government’s Change4Life campaign, Soreen’s Lunchbox Loaves contain 85 per cent less fat and 63 per cent less sugar than the average cake bar, and the Malt Loaf Bar and loaf are recommended as a healthy alternative to cakes and biscuits.

Is Strawberry Soreen vegan?

Is Soreen suitable for Vegans? We work closely with the Vegetarian Society to ensure our Apple, Strawberry and Banana products are suitable for Vegans!

Is cake a Soreen?

After years of being famous for bringing you the UK’s favourite malt and fruit loaves, Soreen now bring you a sensationally Squidgy Cake in two fantastic flavours that everyone will want a piece of.

Does Soreen have dairy?

If you’re a lover of malt loaf, that dark squidgy, moist fruit loaf, you’ll know that Soreen isn’t vegan. The company stubbornly refuses to change the recipe to omit the milk, but whenever they diversify, such as with these banana loaves, the ingredients are usually dairy-free: … This banana loaf is very banana-ry.

How do you eat soreen?

How do you love your Soreen?

  1. Warm banana Soreen topped with melting chocolate.
  2. What’s not to love??!!
  3. Malt loaf, peanut butter and a whole banana.
  4. Simply made for each other.
  5. First love and best love! …
  6. Breakfast bake in bed with innocent smoothie.
  7. A lovely way to start your day.
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Is soreen a good source of Fibre?

Many of our products contain a source of fibre, including our range of Lunchbox Loaves and Loaf Bars making it even easier to maintain a healthy diet!