Does Golden Chick have anything gluten free?

Is Golden chicken gluten free?

Almost all the items on the menu are gluten free except the tortillas and the desert pastry (which is packaged separately). However, they also have gluten-free tortillas for humus and dips and wraps!

Does Golden Chick use real chicken?

We started using whole chicken tenderloin (the filet mignon of chicken) to make our Original Golden Tenders™. To guarantee great fresh taste we marinate our tenderloins, then hand-batter and cook them to a delicious golden perfection.

How much does Golden Chick cost?

Golden Chick Menu Prices

Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken (4 Rolls) 8 Pc. $12.99
Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken – Meal (4 Rolls & 2 Family Sides) 8 Pc. $17.99
Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken (6 Rolls) 15 Pc. $22.99
Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken (6 Rolls & 3 Family Sides) 15 Pc. $29.95

Is the chili at Sonic gluten free?

Eat gluten free at Sonic at your own risk. … The gravy and chili contain gluten – avoid! Flavor Add-Ins and Syrups: All flavors are free of gluten EXCEPT for the Cheesecake Syrup. Grilled Items: All grilled foods are gluten free except for the Veggie Burger Patty.

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Did Golden Chick change their fries?

The fries have changed and they are a crinkle cut, no seasoning and are SOGGY! Golden Chick is known for their seasoned fries. If you are going to change to a difference kind, you should tell your customers so they can make another choice!

Does Golden Chick pay weekly?

4 answers. Golden chick paid me Biweekly.

How many calories are in a golden chick chicken sandwich?

There are 657 calories in 1 sandwich (230 g) of Golden Chick Golden Tender Sandwich.

What states have Golden Chick?

Golden Chick Locations

  • Florida.
  • Oklahoma.
  • Texas.

Are Golden Chick fries vegan?

Vegan Menu Options at Golden Chick:

Battered French Fries. Green Beans. Lettuce/Garden Salad (if they will make it without cheese or croutons as they both contain milk) … Fruit Salad.

How many carbs are in Golden Chick tenders?


Serving Size Total Carbs (g)
Garden 1 12.3
Chicken Salad 1 23.2
Chicken Tender 1 23.3