Does Costco have vegan cookies?

Does Costco have vegan options?

Costco’s products may not always be labeled as vegan, but many of the bulk products it carries — granola, baking products, and instant meals, for example — are surprisingly perfect for vegans. … Costco even went as far as removing the beloved Polish hot dog from its food court menu to make room for vegan meals.

Are the smoothies at Costco vegan?

Current Vegan Options at Costco’s Food Court:

Berry Smoothie (Confirm no dairy)

Which supermarket cookies are vegan?

Accidentally vegan cookies and biscuits

  • Lotus Original Caramel Biscuits.
  • Fox’s Ginger Crinkle Crunch Biscuits.
  • Fox’s Dark Chocolate Chunkie Cookies.
  • Fox’s Party Rings.
  • Bourbon Biscuits.
  • Oreos.
  • Nairn’s Biscuits – Dark Chocolate Chip Oat, Stem Ginger Oat, Mixed Berries Oat, Fruit & Spice Wheat Free.
  • Crawford’s Pink Wafers.

Are Famous Amos cookies vegan?

With the exception of the chocolate chip flavor, the vanilla, peanut butter, and oatmeal macaroon-flavored Famous Amos cookies contain no animal products at all.

Why did Costco change their smoothies?

There’s a reason the berry smoothie was replaced.

“Corporate thought the benefits outweighed the negatives in this situation. The new smoothie has a lot of better benefits in it — less sugar, less calories, nothing but real fruit and fruit juice, and four servings of fruit in each smoothie,” the employee explained.

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What fruit is in Costco fruit smoothie?

But what is going on with sodium? The Berry Smoothie had a mere 25mg of sodium, but the new Fruit Smoothie has a whopping 200mg of sodium.

Costco Berry Smoothie v. the New Fruit Smoothie.

Berry Smoothie New Fruit Smoothie*
Sodium (mg) 25 200
Total Carbohydrate (g) 59 56
Dietary Fiber (g) 1 4
Sugars (g) 50 47