Does California Pizza Kitchen have vegan options?

Does California Pizza Kitchen offer vegan cheese?

No. Unfortunately California Pizza Kitchen does not offer vegan cheese of any kind.

Is the roasted veggie salad at CPK vegan?

Vegan Salads:

Roasted Veggie (no Dijon Balsamic) Mediterranean Side Salad (no feta or Mustard Herb Vinaigrette)

Does CPK pizza have eggs?

There are eggs in the sun-dried tomato aioli. This should be corrected by tomorrow on their website. Great catch! Also, the reader inquired about eggs in the pizza dough.

Does California Pizza have vegan pizza?

All of CPK’s pizza crusts are vegan except for the Cauliflower Crust. … These pizzas are easy to order vegan, just by asking for no cheese: BBQ “Don’t Call Me Chicken”

Is CPK only in California?

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is an American casual dining restaurant chain that specializes in California-style pizza. The restaurant was started in 1985 by attorneys Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax in Beverly Hills, California, United States.

California Pizza Kitchen.

Type Private
Subsidiaries CPK ASAP

Does Cheesecake Factory have vegan dessert?

There’s no real vegan deserts at The Cheesecake Factory currently; some locations will have fresh fruit bowls but they’re not really meant to be desserts.

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Are islands Options vegan?

The Islands is a famous burgers and drinks restaurant that provides multiple vegan options. The restaurant started as a small restaurant that offered a limited number of burgers, cold drinks, and appetizers.

What is the healthiest thing to eat at California Pizza Kitchen?

If you’re looking for the healthiest meal at California PIzza Kitchen, the Roasted Veggie Salad’s nutritional profile makes it the best choice. For something with more protein, the Cedar Plank Salmon is also a nutritious option.

Is CPK going out of business?

California Pizza Kitchen has completed its bankruptcy restructuring with an equity transaction that eliminated more than $220 million in existing debt from its capital structure, the company said Monday.

What should I buy at CPK?

Next time you go to CPK, you simply must try.

  • Brussels and Bacon Flatbread & Smoked Ham and Swiss Flatbread. First you look at this and think… …
  • Hearth Roasted Halibut. First, the halibut is cooked perfectly. …
  • Roasted Artichoke and Spinach Thin Crust Pizza. …
  • Mahi Mahi Tacos. …
  • Key Lime Pie. …
  • Butter Cake with ice cream. …
  • S’mores.

Does California Pizza Kitchen take reservations?

No. The CPK does not take reservations.