Best answer: Are BurgerFi buns gluten free?

Are BurgerFi buns vegan?

Spice it up by adding barbecue sauce, guacamole, or Thai ketchup. BurgerFi offers a delicious vegan Beyond Burger, topped with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions on a vegan multigrain bun.

Does BurgerFi bun have dairy?

The normal Hamburger Buns and Hot Dog Buns at BurgerFi are not vegan, as they contain milk and dairy. … However, the Multigrain Buns at BurgerFi are 100% vegan. Remember that you also have the option of ordering any burger “Green Style,” which is an iceberg lettuce wrap.

Are BurgerIM fries gluten free?

Excellent burgers and sandwiches! Fries are not gluten free.

Does BurgerFi use peanut oil?

PEANUT OIL BURGERFI uses 100% refined peanut oil for all of our hand-cut fries. According to the FDA, highly refined oils such as soybean and peanut oil are not considered allergenic, and therefore are not labeled as such.

Are BurgerFi Cajun fries vegan?

BurgerFi’s Vegan Side Options:

Cajun French Fries. Salt + Vinegar French Fries.

Are onion rings vegan BurgerFi?

Are the onion rings at BurgerFi vegan? No. The onion rings contain milk.

What is the BurgerFi sauce?

I asked the guy what the BurgerFi sauce was that came on my burger. He says “a mayonnaise base with a secret ingredient“. I think your secret ingredient is ketchup Chief.

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What does Burger IM stand for?

The name is a combination of “burger” and the Hebrew plural suffix “-im”, reflecting the company’s focus on selling smaller slider-style burgers in orders of 2-3 or more. Burgerim was subsequently purchased from Tuchner by Oren Loni, an investor who wanted to expand the franchise into the United States.