Best answer: Are Alexia tater tots vegan?

Are Alexia fries dairy free?

One of the few brands and flavors that is non-dairy and does not contain milk.

Are Alexia sweet potato tots healthy?

The sweet-and-savory nibbles are a perfect match for barbecue dishes, or this kicked up salmon recipe. The health factor: Tastes like a splurge, but 2/3 cup of these bites has fewer than 4 grams of fat and keeps the sodium light. Plus, sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, to keep vision sharp.

Are waffles fries vegan?

Waffle Fries

Yes, Chick-fil-A’s best selling menu item — the iconic waffle fries — are made with only three ingredients (potatoes, canola oil, and sea salt), making them undoubtedly vegan.

What is xanthan gum vegan?

Xanthan gum, to the best of our knowledge, is vegan. Produced by bacterial fermentation, it is used to thicken food products or as an emulsifier to help water- and oil-based ingredients stay together. … There was a risk of cross contamination at the manufacturer of the xanthan gum.

Do sweet potato fries have milk?

Many grocery stores carry sweet potato fries alongside regular french fries in the frozen food section. The ingredients in the fries vary by brand, but several are considered vegan. Some varieties may contain milk, eggs or other animal products.

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Are Alexia sweet potato fries GF?

Our potato items are “gluten free” with the exception of Alexia Potato Bites.

Are sweet potato tater tots bad for you?

If you’re being a little health conscious, then maybe French fries aren’t the best option for you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and indulge in delicious sweet potato tater tots. Sweet potatoes are a healthy alternative to regular potatoes, so if you’re watching your figure they’re a great choice.

Can you fry Alexia potato puffs?

These simply delicious potato puffs are made with only non-GMO ingredients. Our potatoes and appetizers are par-fried before freezing, which means they are already partially prepared and only need to be cooked before eating.