Are Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Chips vegan?

Does Trader Joe’s dark chocolate have dairy?

Trader Joe’s Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate.

Are dark chocolate crisps vegan?

The most basic of basic dark chocolate chips are vegan. … Enjoy Life makes some really good basic chocolate chips with very few ingredients. Vegan dark chocolate chips can be bitter and a bit on the brittle side (cocoa butter is brittle compared to milkfat), but they are cruelty-free.

Are Trader Joe’s chocolate chips good?

Trader Joe’s: The Best Supermarket Chip

It’s a little grainy when eaten on its own, but smoothes out when melted in the cookie. The nice thing about this chip is that it wasn’t too sweet, like many other brands in this price point. It had just a hint of bitterness that was balanced out with touches of toffee flavor.

Who makes Trader Joe’s chocolate chips?

One of North America’s leading food companies, ConAgra owns a number of iconic brands, from Duncan Hines to Chef Boyardee, and supplies food to restaurants and supermarkets like Trader Joe’s.

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