You asked: What is Jets gluten free crust made of?

Is Jet’s seasoned cauliflower crust gluten free?

Jet’s Gluten Free Pizza

Their signature Detroit Style Deep Dish is thick and crunchy with the sauce under their delicious, right-up-to-the-crispy-edge cheese. … Their gluten free crust is thin but not super crispy – a nice unique texture. Plus, there is a great seasoned cauliflower crust that’s gluten free too!

Is Jets gluten free crust vegan?

Is Jet’s Pizza Crust Dairy-Free? The following Jet’s Pizza crusts are dairy free: Thin, Deep Dish, Gluten-Free, Hand-Tossed. The only Jet’z Pizza crust that contains dairy is the Cauliflower Crust. All of Jet’z pizza dough except for the Cauliflower Crust is vegan.

Is Jet’s ranch gluten free?

Gluten Free Pizza

Meatballs, Butter Crust, and Turbo Crust®, are not Gluten-Free. … Choose Sauce: Pizza Sauce, Jet’s Ranch Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Mild Buffalo Sauce.

Does pizza Hut have cauliflower crust?

Keto Cauliflower Crust Pizza. Keto Broccoli Crust Chicken Pizza. Keto Chicken ‘Pizza’ Pie. Keto Mexican Pizza.

How many pieces are in a small thin crust pizza from Jets?

Small Pizza (6 slices) – available in Deep Dish, Hand Tossed Round, Thin Crust. Medium (8 slices) – available in Hand Tossed Round only. Large (10 slices) – available in Deep Dish, Hand Tossed Round, Thin Crust, and NY Style.

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How many calories are in a Jets thin crust pizza?

There are 151 calories in 1 slice = 1/10 pizza (84 g) of Jet’s Pizza Thin Crust Pizza (Large).

How much sodium is in a slice of Jet’s Pizza?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 310 (1297 kJ)
Cholesterol 25 mg 8%
Sodium 650 mg 27%
Total Carbohydrate 34 g 11%
Dietary Fiber 4 g 16%

Is cauliflower crust healthier than regular pizza crust?

Per serving, cauliflower crust is lower in everything-calories, carbs, protein, fat, fiber and sodium-with the biggest difference being calories, carbs and protein. … If you’re eating fewer calories and carbs in hopes of losing weight, you may actually be better off with the whole-wheat crust.

How much is cauliflower pizza at Jets?

The Cauliflower Crust Pizza is available in a six slice small pizza size only for a suggested price of $8.99. You can flavorize your crust for free with one of their eight tasty options and then add your favorite toppings, sauce, and extra cheese if you like.

Is Jets cauliflower pizza good?

Great cauliflower pizza crust!!! My wife and I have been on the keto diet for 2 yrs and I’ve made our fat head pizza crust and even a version of the cauliflower crust(epic fail!!!), Jet’s pizza has the best cauliflower crust we’ve tried to date. The toppings and sauce are fantastic too.