Which players on the Tennessee Titans are vegan?

How many of the Tennessee Titans are vegan?

Roughly 15 players on the Titans roster now eat vegan all or most of the time—nearly 30 percent of the team. Derrick’s transformation began in 2017 when he enlisted a nutritionist to help him gain energy and a competitive edge. She suggested different supplements and then threw out a radical idea: Cut meat and dairy.

Are the Tennessee Titans vegans?

In 2018, 11 players on the TN Titans went vegan. … In the documentary they follow the Titans and how the vegan journey all started with outside linebacker, Derrick Morgan. He was the only one on the team not eating meat, but his wife is a chef.

Is Cam Newton still a vegan?

“Obviously, I’m vegan, but everything is kind of sourced for trying to get your body to be at its peak performance come game time.” So, technically, Newton’s diet is only kind of vegan — which basically means he’s just a vegetarian.

Which Titans are plant-based?

Several Titans, including Wesley Woodyard and Jurrell Casey, were first inspired to try out a plant-based diet in 2017 after linebacker Derrick Morgan, who retired in 2019, went vegan and his wife, chef Charity Morgan, began preparing vegan lunches for the team.

What is a Plegan?

Plegan is a transitional space that refers to people that eat grains and animal-free diets, avoiding meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, but who may still use animal byproducts, such as leather. The term Plegan is an inclusive space for people that have a non-animal-based diet.

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Is Aaron Rodgers a vegetarian?

Aaron Rodgers’ Diet

Aaron Rodgers has cut most dairy products from his diet and he has told ESPN’s Rob Demivsky that he likes to have a vegan diet. However, he still likes to add red meats and chicken when he feels like it.