Quick Answer: Can you still get gluten free food on prescription?

How many units of gluten free food can you have on a prescription?

2 units =

Age group Recommended no. of units
Male 75+ years 14
Female 19-74 years 14
Female 75+ years 12
3rd trimester pregnancy Add 1 unit

Can I get Genius bread on prescription?


If you’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease and/or dermatitis herpetiformis and live in the UK, you may be entitled to a gluten free foods prescription.

Is there a pill for gluten free?

CVS Health GlutenAid is specially formulated for individuals who feel unwell after eating wheat or grain and thus may have an intolerance to gluten.

How much does Coeliac cost the NHS?

Data from 2017 shows that nationally the NHS spent £15.7 million on the basic cost of GF foods.

Is celiac classed as a disability?

Coeliac disease is not defined as a disability under the Equality Act 2010 although it is a long term condition. It is an autoimmune disease which requires an adjustment to the diet to prevent symptoms. Some patients may have more than one autoimmune disease.

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