Is Mint Aero vegan?

Is Aero chocolate vegan?

Aero has unveiled a vegan version of its most popular dark chocolate bar. Nestle’s British brand Aero’s “bubbly” bar includes 70 percent dark chocolate for a “rich and delicious melt-in-your-mouth” experience.

What are mint Aero made of?

Sugar, Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Dried Whole Milk, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Fat (Palm/ Shea/ Sal/ Illipe/ Mango Kernel/ Kokum Gurgi), Lactose and Proteins from Whey (from Milk), Whey Powder (from Milk), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Butterfat (from Milk), Flavouring), Vegetable Fat (Palm/ Shea/ Sal/ Illipe/ …

Does Aero have egg?

Bubbly Aero Mini Easter Eggs

Aero has taken their famously bubbly chocolate and turned it into the perfect Easter treat! Enjoy the smooth creamy milk chocolate with the aerated center, now in egg form! What makes AERO so deliciously special?

Is there a dark chocolate Aero?

Nestlé today announces an exciting new addition to its Aero range – Aero Dark & Milk. Made with 51% cocoa solids and 9% milk solids, Aero Dark & Milk is a deliciously rich way to enjoy the brand’s famous chocolatey bubbles.

Is Aero Bliss vegetarian?

Hi Ruth, unfortunately Aero Bliss isn’t suitable for a vegetarian or halal diet. This is due to the risk of cross contamination.

Is Aero chocolate suitable for vegetarians?

AERO is a much-loved chocolate worldwide and is renowned for its unique bubbly texture. … With thousands of products still being produced every day, AERO continues to delight consumers with its light, bubbly chocolate.. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians.

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What is the green stuff in mint Aero?

The green colouring of the Mint Aero Bubbles product was changed to result from a plant extract. White Bubbles bars were released in Australia in 2001, with a milk chocolate outer and white chocolate bubble centre.

Is Aero Only in Canada?

Well, it turns out that if you’re American, you can’t. Although Nestle attempted to launch Aero in the States in the ’80s, it wasn’t a commercial success. Originally sold as “energy balls” for weight-conscious women, these chocolate-covered malt balls are a Canadian classic.

Is Aero chocolate Australian?

Nestlé’ is now manufacturing its Aero chocolate in Australia after 15 years of production in the United Kingdom. … Aero was originally launched in the United Kingdom in 1935 and began production in Australia in the early 1970s where it stayed until 1996 before moving offshore.