Is Kraft hickory smoke barbecue sauce vegan?

Is Kraft barbecue sauce vegan?

Almost all Kraft BBQ sauces are considered to be vegan except the Honey, Sweet Honey, Spicy Honey, and Mesquite Smoke varieties. These non-vegan varieties contain honey. Apart from that, no other animal derived ingredients are used in Kraft BBQ sauce.

Can Vegans eat mustard?

Generally, the answer here is yes, mustard is vegan. The ingredients list in most types of mustard is limited to mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, sometimes sugar and other spices. A few exceptions are honey mustard, for obvious reasons and sometimes Dijon mustard.

What does hickory BBQ mean?

Refers to foods that have been cooked and smoked in the enclosed chamber of a barbecue that is filled with smoke from the burning of hickory logs. The smoke from the burning wood permeates the food giving it a hickory flavor.

What does hickory BBQ taste like?

The flavor of hickory wood is described as savory, hearty, with almost a bacony tang to it. Hickory flavor goes well with the following meats: Larger cuts of ribs. Pork shoulders.

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