Is Jewellery vegan friendly?

Do vegans wear jewellery?

Yes, jewellery, even some standard pieces of jewellery, are not vegan, and this is due to a multitude of things. The main reason being that a lot of jewellery either contains animal products or they are used in the manufacturing process.

Is Pandora Jewellery vegan-friendly?

Brand new for 2019 – the PANDORA Medium Pink Jewellery Box is a great way to store and display all your favourite PANDORA jewellery. Lovingly crafted from a cross-grain vegan-friendly pink material, the 275 x 145 x 95 mm case is stamped with the PANDORA logo on top and features two levels of storage inside.

Can jewelry be cruelty free?

Much cruelty-free jewelry is often made from recycled material or consciously sourced materials. Ethical metals and materials are as aesthetically pleasing as new without compromising the environment. Cruelty free jewelry can be something very simple yet elegant, which could be hard to differentiate from real metal.

What are vegan diamonds?

Aether diamonds are made using sustainably-sourced energy and carbon sourced from air pollution to create their gemstones. This results in a positive impact to the environment, leaving the planet in a better condition than before the Aether diamonds were created.

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