Is jeremiahs Italian Ice dairy free?

What is Jeremiah’s Italian Ice made of?

With the capital from these endeavors, Jeremy rented a warehouse space in 1992, where he perfected his technique for combining fresh fruit, fruit puree, filtered water and sugar into a cold, refreshing treat.

Is Jeremiah’s vegan?

I have vegan friends that I would like to introduce to the deliciousness of Jeremiah’s! … We are pleased to say that most of our ice flavors are vegan-friendly! will be happy to send you a list of the ones that are not.

Is Italian ice gluten and dairy free?

The Italian Ice does NOT contain any of the other major allergens requiring declaration (milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, or wheat).

Which is healthier Italian ice or ice cream?

Ice cream is much higher in calories than Italian ice.

While Italian ice has a moderate amount of empty calories, ice cream is very calorically dense. So if you’re going to indulge in one of them on your diet, the Italian ice will do less damage, for sure.

What is Jeremiah’s Italian ice?

At Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, we’ve been scooping up our tasty frozen treats since 1996. Our Italian Ice is a decadent, yet refreshing treat with maximum flavor. … The Gelati is the perfect layering of an Italian Ice with our Rich and Creamy Soft Ice Cream. The Gelati is the showcase of our menu and is a true indulgence!

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Does Jeremiah’s ice have dairy?

PLEASE NOTE: All of our products are housed and manufactured in shared facilities, utilizing shared equipment. Jeremiah’s cannot guarantee that any item is allergen-free. This includes, but is not limited to dairy, caseinates, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, gluten, and soybeans.

Is Italian ice the same as gelato?

“Gelato” means “ice cream” in Italian. But the two are not exactly the same. While gelato has a custard base like its American cousin, it also contains less milk fat and has less air churned into it during freezing, which makes its texture denser.