How many SYNS are Richmond vegan sausages?

How many SYNS is a vegan sausage?

Quorn Low Fat Sausages – 0 syns/ free food. Quorn Frozen Meat-Free Sausages – 1 syn per sausage.

How many calories are in Richmond vegan sausages?

Richmond’s first ever meat-free sausages are now in stores nationwide, promising a high-protein alternative to the traditional meat sausages for those on vegetarian and vegan diets. The new meat-free sausages are made from a soy protein concentrate and come in at less than 60 calories per sausage.

Are Richmond vegan sausages nice?

Utterly delicious. These are completely amazing – delicious and definitely the best veggie sausages by far. My daughter who refuses to eat any vegetarian substitutes even loves them.

Can I cook Richmond vegan sausages from frozen?

Cook from frozen 18 mins. Vegetarian Society Approved. Suitable for vegans.

How many calories are in a vegan sausage?


Typical Values (grilled as per instructions) per 100g (grilled as per instructions) per 2 sausages
Energy kcal 160 141
Fat 5.4g 5.0g
(of which saturates) 1.9g 1.8g
Carbohydrate 7.5g 6.9g

Are Richmond vegan sausages bad for you?

The truth is, probably not. Plant-based sausages sold in supermarkets are likely to have just as much salt as their meat counterparts, so they’re unlikely to make it onto a list of health-foods. However, vegan sausages are likely to have considerably less saturated fat making them a healthier option overall.

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