Are Morrisons salted caramel Doughnuts vegan?

Do Morrisons doughnuts contain dairy?

Morrisons on Twitter: “@Gemmies_ Hi there, our bakery doughnuts contain eggs, but no milk.

Are Morrisons chocolate doughnuts vegan?

Morrisons doughnuts are famous for being “accidentally vegan” and this festive offering is no exception. They have a fluffy moist outer and are finished with a dusting of sugar.

How much sugar is in a Morrisons jam Doughnut?

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Typical Values per 100g Per Doughnut
Fat 22.0g 15.8g
of which Saturates 12.0g 8.6g
Carbohydrate 35.0g 25.2g
of which Sugars 8.7g 6.3g

Are seaside doughnuts vegan?

Doughnuts? All not very vegan-friendly. … It’s a hidden gem for all things seaside and vegan. We have got vegan ice cream options, easily available tofish and chips AND amazing doughnuts.

How many calories are in a caramel donut?

Our signature Original Glazed ring doughnut dipped in caramel icing finished with a caramel drizzle! Simply magical!

Nutritional & Allergy Information.

Per portion Per 100g
Energy (cal) 257 389
Fat – Total 10.1 15.2
– Saturated 4.7 7.1
Carbohydrates 38.0 57.5
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