The World’s Best Vegan Nutella

May I have your attention, please? I’m about to present you the world’s best vegan Nutella. If you make it once, there is no turning back. They are highly addictive, you’ll be hooked forever.

Nutella reminds me of my childhood. My father used to bring home a jar on the weekends. Honestly, I always ate it with a spoon, never on a slice of bread. I enjoyed how it slowly melted in my mouth. I thought it is the best someone can get until I’ve first made my very own Nutella. The difference is like Heaven and Earth. The taste of the homemade Nutella cannot be compared to anything. It is creamy, chocolatey, just sweet enough but not too much, doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the roasted nuts. In one word, it is simply perfection. Katharina baked the best vegan Zopf to this spread one can imagine. If you want dessert for breakfast, this is your treat.

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