Vegetable Project Day 1 – Meatless Mondays

Everybody in my family is a carnivore. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the fact that both my daughter and my husband has blood type „0”, or they are just born that way, but if there is no meat in the meal, they are not satisfied. As soon as they get up in the morning they are ready for eggs and bacon, then grilled chicken for noon, and a steak for dinner. I however, could survive on vegetables for weeks. I love fresh veggies and salads, the more colorful the better. I have actually been a vegetarian for years. I simply didn’t feel like eating meat for four years, and then one day to another I was craving a Schnitzel again.

So I decided to cut back on the meat consumption at home. I like the idea of Meatless Mondays, not only because it rhymes so nicely, but because there are so many delicious meals you can cook without meat, and it’s time that both my husband and daughter gets used to eating less meat and more vegetables. I cannot say that they were thrilled after hearing my plan, especially my daughter. My husband didn’t fight the plan as much as I thought he would, but I think he plans to grab a piece of sausage when I’m not looking.

I was lucky to find some very big morels, and I filled them with creamy polenta and spinach, and drowned them in home made Sauce Bearnaise. I loved it! My daughter, well, not so much. She was fine with it until she found out that „the green stuff” –as she called it- is spinach. It was all over for her with morels, and demanded pesto. At least she stuck to the no meat concept. I have the feeling this meatless Monday project will be more challenging as I first thought, but I’m not giving up. I live for a good challenge!

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