It’s Time for A Dutch Baby

The first time I’ve heard of Dutch Baby, I had no idea what they are talking about. As much as I’ve known, it could have been a cute little baby from the Netherlands. Those of you who also wonder, it is a very simple pancakelike pastry that is baked in the oven. But as we all know it, simple things are always the best. Don’t let the pancake word fool you, it is thousand times better than a pancake.  Have you ever wondered where the name, Dutch Baby is coming from?  These fine pancakes were introduced in the first half of the 1900s at Manca’s Cafe, in the US. They were also known as Bismarck or German pancakes.

The first time I’ve tried it, I was totally blown away. It became one of my favorite desserts. Yes, a dessert! Although it is mostly served for breakfast or brunch, I think it deserves a place among desserts. I especially like it with strawberry compote and lots of double cream. It could be the perfect dessert on a Sunday. Because Sundays are for baking 🙂

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