Swirls and Stripes Here and There – Spiralizing

From the first day I got my Spiralizer, it’s in constant in use. I have to pay close attention to my carbohydrate intake because of my Crohn’s disease, so I like to replace pasta with some fresh vegetable spaghetti. Although handheld Spiralizers do the job too, they require some muscle work. The Kenwood Spiralizer attachment does the job in just a few minutes. The possibilities are limitless. At first, of course, I used only zucchini, which is still my favorite, but beetroot or sweet potato ribbons have opened a whole new door to inventing recipes. I love the fresh and slightly earthy taste of beetroot. Sour cream and dill are the perfect accompaniment to my beetroot spaghetti. I think a little smoked fish goes also well with this pasta. I fell in love with sweet potato cake during high school years in the US. This sweet potato cake is very different from the original cake. If you like you can also replace the sweet potatoes with pumpkin swirls.

Spiralizing is a trend and a good trend. Lately, I also use spiral vegetables and fruits to decorate cakes and tarts. Since we also eat with our eyes, I find it very important to serve something inviting and pretty.

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