Sundays Are for Baking / Quinoa-Egg Muffins

Guess what, I don’t really like Sundays. Yes, you’ve heard me right –I hope I’m not a freak. The reason I’m not much of a fan of Sundays is because there is not much to do. Let me rephrase it. There is not much to do on harsh cold winter days -it is warmer to stay inside-, or on rainy days –because who wants to get soaked-, and I’m already planning the next week and cannot wait to get started –yes, I’m the one who loves to work- and… and the list goes on. So if we don’t have any special program, I bake. Because that’s what I do. I don’t need to rush to a meeting, no hurry at all, I can calmly spend time in the favorite spot in the house, and try out new recipes. So simple as it is, Sundays are for baking.

Sometimes my daughter also jumps in to make a mess  help. This is a perfect time for bonding and I just love to listen to her chatter. She is a little cook already. So Sundays are also meant for making kitchen memories. This time I just went for an easy and very healthy brunch recipe. All I can say is, these are highly addictive. They are perfect for brunch, dinner and fit nicely in the lunch bag. And what do you bake on Sundays?

Baked in partnership with Kenwood Switzerland 

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