From Seed to Flour to Rustic Pastry

I’m a seed collector. I was cleaning the pantry, and was shocked how much seeds I actually stocked up on last year. I have literally everything from wheat to spelt to all kinds of rice, oats and barley to mention a few. I seriously had to figure out something how to make the best use of them, because nobody could eat so much grain risotto in a lifetime. For the first time, I put my grain mill into use. It is a great little machine, a fast mill that processes grains, rice, spices and also poppy seed. (I’m a huge poppy seed fan) This time I used up some of spelt to make some fresh baked bagels and also a fresh, ruby red beetroot galette. The flour is actually a bit coarse, rustic, fits perfectly to my style, and it tastes so fresh. Nothing can beat that.  So, in the near future, I will be also milling my very own flour for the breads and pastries, or until my stock runs out. Bagels I love the most with cream cheese and smoked Lachs, and either savoury or sweet, galette is my favorite pastry in Spring.

This is sponsored post in partnership with Kenwood Switzerland. All opinions are my own

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