Say Love with Raspberry Cream Puffs

I was thinking with what do I say love to my daughter on Valentines day. I was not going to add another stuffed animal to the already way too big collection and she is definitely not in urgent need of another doll either. I’ve already baked something delicious for my husband, so I decided to bake something special for her too. She is just like us, cannot resist anything sweet, especially if it is made with chocolate.

The thing is, I did not want to bake another chocolate cake, or anything with chocolate for that matter. I wanted to keep it fresh and fruity, although I was not sure what she is going to say about a chocolate free dessert.  I was ready to gamble. I took a deep breath, and decided on making cream puffs filled with light raspberry cream. I really wanted to make strawberry puffs, but raspberry is the only red fruit she likes. Can you believe that? She totally detests strawberries. She must have gotten that from my mother, because I love strawberry, while raspberry, well, not so much. I tried to make the puffs as lovely and small as I could. I was really betting everything on the pink colored cream. She is in her pink phase right now, and I was hoping she will forget about the fact that it has no chocolate in it. I swear I was sweating bullets while she was examining the cream puffs. Seconds seamed like hours. Finally, she put her serious food critique face on, and declared that the cream puffs were –although made without chocolate- very good, and  she liked them very much. Hallelujah. The day was saved!

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