Delicious Greece

My first visit to Greece made me really addicted. It was love at first sight. It was also the first foreign country I visited. I was 11 years old and could not wait to see the sea. We drove all the way down from Hungary and took about 20 hours...

Blueberry Lamingtons

Lamingtons are a typical Australian dessert, but my grandmother did it more often than I was a little girl. She made the classic chocolate-coconut version that tastes unbelievably fine, but this time I have used a blueberry jam instead of chocolate for dipping. Hmmm, it was amazing.

Cherry – Yogurt Slice

Do you feel like something sweet, or do you have guests in an hour and you need something to serve quickly? Cherry cake is the one you are looking for. Put the scales back in the cupboard and measure everything in the yogurt cup.

It’s Ice Cream Season

When Summer then ice cream. Or at least it is at my house. I’m not that much of an ice cream person... let me rephrase that. I’m not into the store bought, over-sweetened, artificially flavored ice creams. I like to make my own, and I like to...

Vegan Avocado Ice Cream

Ingredients: 2 Avocado 2 limes, zest, and juice 250 ml full fat coconut milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 100 ml Agave syrup Prep. time: 20 minutes Cooling time: min 1 hour You’ll need: Ice Cream Maker, Blender or Food Processor   You’ll need to...

Honey – Black Salt Ice Cream

Ingredients: 500 ml heavy cream 100 g honey 4 egg yolk 30 g caster sugar zest of a lemon 2-3 tsp black salt Prep. time: 20 minutes Cooling time: min 1 hour You’ll need: Ice Cream Maker, Baloon Whisk   You’ll need to start the recipe a day...

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