Rain, Colours and Asparagus Quiche

Rain, rain, rain…. Honestly, I cannot take it anymore. For the first time since I moved to Switzerland, it crossed my mind to move to the South of Europe. Today I reached the point when I cannot take the rain anymore. I need sun, feel like my brain is in a huge gray cloud and rotting away, together with all my herbs in the garden. Unfortunately, moving is currently is not an option, although I didn’t give up on the idea completely. I’ve spent the last two days in a huge rainstorm outside, supposedly photographing Spring (hahaha) for a customer. Now that’s what I call a challenge. We got soaked inside out and still didn’t dry up completely.

The only thing that kept me going is shooting and making a bunch of ceramics and some beautiful backgrounds. I’m so excited about my pieces. In a couple of days, I plan to show you some pics, and I really hope you gonna like them too.  And of course, I was busy in the kitchen, cooking as always. At least the food is colorful, and I got to be playing around with vibrant veggies. So here we are at the most colorful image I shot recently. I hope it will also bring you joy, a tiny hope for a warmer day.


Click on the photo for the recipe!

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