Quick Artichoke Dip

I think the most beautiful vegetable is the artichoke. It looks like a beautiful flower, that not only looks delightful but also tastes amazing. I usually cook the head and serve the leaves with homemade Bearnaise sauce. It is really a perfect combination. The only thing I don’t like is the cleaning. All those little furs I don’t find very attractive, but to get to the heart of the artichoke, well, you need to pass the furs.

I said it already many times, so you all know it by now, that I’m a big fan of quick and simple recipes. Dips and spreads are very high on my list because you can pack everything healthy in a spoonful of it in literally no time. I still had a jar of artichoke hearts sitting in the pantry and some feta cheese in the fridge, so when Katharina called me that she made the perfect rye bread, I knew exactly what could be the best companion to it. First of all, the rye bread was really THE BEST I’ve ever had. And yes, the dip did blend nicely with the sour taste of the bread. It was the perfect match! I cannot imagine a better dip that you can serve to your friends. I especially like it with crunchy crackers, but it tastes amazing with just about anything.

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