Picnic, Friends and Strawberry Galette

Picnic, friends and lots of food, that would a more accurate title I think. A couple of days ago, I got to spend two wonderful days with like-minded people, aka same crazy people like me. One of the best two days I had this year. Let me start at the beginning. I got to meet Lay and Naomi at one of my workshops, and we connected immediately. It is amazing how we smelt the crazy foodie in each other, and they invited me to a two-day workshop as they called it. What I call it? I call it a making friends party, talk for long hours party and never get tired of it party, I call it an eating amazing food and live for your passion party. We were seven and knew absolutely nothing of each other, but we have the same passion, food, and photography, and that brought us together.

Let me stop here and say a couple of words about the location. We stayed in a gorgeous apartment in the French part of Switzerland, La Chaux de Fonds. All the tiles, the walls and every inch of the apartment was just breathtaking. Just look at the photos, I could move in without any hesitation. It was perfect harmony between modern and traditional, old and new, classic and industrial chic. I’m still dreaming of the beautiful colorful lights in the kitchen. The bright, colorful shadows reminded of Andy Warhol’s art, and I could have spent hours and hours just looking at them. It was the perfect location to do what we do best, namely art.

During these two days, we prepared, cooked, photographed and ate so many wonderful dishes that I lost track of them.  I baked a stunningly delicious strawberry galette. I dare to say stunning based on the feedback I got from the others. The divine and refreshing taste come from the lemon zest and the cardamom in the pastry. (see the recipe below)  But the best and most unforgettable moment in La Chaux de Fonds was our picnic in the garden. we spent hours preparing for it because we all wanted it to be perfect. And it was. I’m still amazed at how seven people with totally different taste can work in perfect harmony, supporting and appreciating each other. I’m so grateful for these couple of days, to have met these amazing people. I’m very much looking forward to our next adventure because I’m sure this wasn’t our last picnic together. Thank you, Laz, Naomi, Nici, Alex, Maria, and Doris for a great time!

Click here to see a video of our picnic.


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