Persimmon-Orange Jam/ Bread and Spread

February is my least favorite month from all. I cannot stand the grey, dark, rainy days anymore. I want sunshine, flowers, long walks. I want to see my garden bloom.  I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to make something bright to cheer me up.

It was time for our next „Bread and Spread” project with Katharina (Besondersgut) anyway. She has already baked her perfect orange braided bread, so it was not difficult to figure out what spread would go best with it. I had a few persimmons and oranges left in the fruit box, so I made a quick jam. Jam making is very easy, you basically just throw everything in a bowl, heat it and stir it until it thickens. If you haven’t tried making your own jam before, I suggest you do. Jam tastes so much better when home made.  This served as a „cheer me up „ very well too. The color was amazingly bright orange, and it tasted so good with the braided bread from Katharina (her recipe here). I suggest you take very ripe persimmons for the jam. They are already very creamy, and don’t need to too much cooking.



I’m very excited about the next month’s Bread and Spread recipe. All I’m saying is, that it’s going to be a good one.

This is sponsored post in partnership with Kenwood Switzerland. All opinions are my own

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