New Year’s Resolution – Cut back on Sugar

It’s a New Year again! We can start everything from fresh, it is like a blank paper just waiting to be filled with the new stories to come. I feel like I can conquer the world, that I can wish for anything, because everything is possible. It’s time for the New Year’s resolutions! I always make a few resolutions in the beginning of the year, and while I stick to some, most of them just fade away with time.

What are your resolutions? Do more sport? Lose weight? Follow a healthier lifestyle? They are all nice and big life changing plans, but do you follow through with them? They do not just happen overnight, we have to work, and mostly work hard to achieve these goals, and if we set the bar too high for a start, it can get pretty frustrating after a while. So, how about starting small, taking one small step at a time.

Let’s lay the cards out on the table.  Although I already follow a balanced, healthy lifestyle, lately I let myself indulge eating more sugary food, than I usually allow myself. So, as for my New Year’s resolution, I will cut back on the sugar intake, big time. Are you with me? Or are you now asking yourself panicking: what about dessert!? Coming down off sugar can be difficult, but I have good news for you. There are plenty of alternatives to choose from to bake your dessert with when the cravings kick in, from artificial to natural sweeteners.

I personally put my vote on the natural sweeteners, because they are tasty and healthy alternative to sugar, not only having favorable effects on the waist line, but also raising the amount of vitamin and antioxidant intake. The artificial sweeteners at extensive use can cause plenty of negative side effects, from diarrhea to migraines just to mention a few. So to sweeten up our life, I say it’s better to reach out to Mother Nature.

I don’t need to go far to find a natural replacement for sugar, so let’s start the list with the most obvious: honey. It was good for the mankind for thousands of years, and it is not listed as superfood for nothing. Beside charming our taste buds, it also boosts the immune system. When you purchase honey, opt for the raw, unfiltered ones.

There are many more syrups to choose from. I personally prefer to use, agave, brown rice, coconut and maple syrup in sweets. They have quite a neutral taste, blend in smooth and have greater sweetness than refined sugar, so you’ll use much less from them at the end. As of health benefits, they are all packed with antioxidants, zinc and calcium to mention a few. There are already chocolates available with no added sugar, or containing agave or coconut syrup.

If you prefer the burnt caramel taste, blackstrap molasses and Yakon syrup are meant for you. Both of them has a very unique, unmistakable taste, that not only gives an individuality to cakes, but they are also great in sauces like BBQ.

Stevia is my all time go to powdered sweetener. It has zero calories, zero carbohydrates, over 200 times sweeter than refined sugar, making it my number one favorite sweetener before bikini season.

Fruits like banana, date or any other dried fruit from raisins, prunes to apricots, (without added sugar of course) are the perfect and most natural way of sweetening. Make a paste of the fruits, fresh or dried, and sweeten the cake batter, smoothie or anything you like.

Cutting back on sugar is not easy, but worth it. Choose what natural sweetener you like best, and explore the endless possibilities. I hope I could manage to raise your interest about natural sweeteners, but remember: These are great alternatives to sugar, providing us with many health benefits, however I have to warn you, less is always more. Here I just presented you with some alternatives to handle the cravings, but if the idea is to cut back on sugar, I would recommend eating natural sweeteners in moderation to maintain a healthy diet and be able to reach your goal.


This is sponsored post in partnership with Kenwood Switzerland. All opinions are my own

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