New Year Detox – Healthy Juices

Honestly, I am very happy that the holidays are over. I try every year, (I really do) not to consume more food than usual but when the family comes together, you just have more to cook and more to eat at Christmas time. Now it’s time for a week of detox.

I recently got a slow juicer. I’ve got a lot of excellent feedback about it and wanted to try it first-hand. This machine juices fruits, leafy vegetables, and wheatgrass very effectively, with higher nutrient benefits than conventional centrifugal juicers. You can do something good to your body with these healthy juices. I created a whole detox plan and kept my diet completely meat-free. I tried to stuff my body with as much vitamins as possible.

The first two days I started with green juices. (The greener, the healthier in my opinion) and added more colorful vegetables and fruits towards the end of the week. I drank the juices twice a day, the first at 10 in the morning and the second at 4 in the afternoon. I eat a lot of vegetables and greens normally, but for those who are just starting out, I can imagine that it takes some getting used to to the “green” taste. I avoided adding sweetener to the drinks, it was about cleansing my body, but if you find one or the other juice too sour, then add some coconut water or a little bit of raw honey. After a week of lots of juices and extra healthy food, I feel excellent. My whole body is full of energy. All in all, my Slow Juicer is a success and I will add these juices to my daily diet from now on. Are you up for a detox week?

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