Mother’s Day Brunch

As a kid, I loved Mother’s Day. I’ve been preparing little presents for my mother and grandmother weeks before. You know, just little drawings, DIYs from salty dough, and I’ve also memorized a few poems to impress them. I loved performing. One time I even handed out flowers too to throw on the „stage” after I said my piece. My daughter does exactly the same. She is non stop crafting something, for special occasions like Mother’s Day even more. That means I’m going to get a folder full of drawings, a nice letter and most probably she is going to sing a little song. My heart just melts away when I see her little proud face.

My husband is usually in the charge of making the breakfast on Mother’s day, and Isa likes to jump in to help. What can I say, they are spoiling me. In the first years, scrambled eggs were on the menu, but the older she gets, the more interesting meals she would like to surprise me with. My husband already knows the drill, he asks me a few days ahead what I would like to eat, I hand him the recipe so he can prepare. (Clever man)

So dear moms, here are a few of my favorite special breakfast ideas. Not only you, but the whole family will like it for sure. I love smoothies in the morning, but this mango-chia smoothie is more like a dessert for breakfast. The consistency is more pudding-like, and the crushed chia seeds remind me of the taste of the poppy seeds.

My other favorite is rice pudding, but lately, I switched to quinoa for healthier reasons. Top it with some grilled pineapple, and you’re going to end up with an easy and eye-catching breakfast. The ultimate family favorite is waffles. This I really eat only a few times of the year, and my daughter loves it too. Just add a little bit of maple syrup, cream and lots of fresh fruit, and you’re ready to rock the world. The recipes are so easy to make that even my husband could master them!

So fellow mothers out there, I wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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