Macaron And THE Ganache

After years and years of practicing, macaron baking still terrifies me. I cannot get used to measuring everything so precisely. I’m the kind of cook, who just likes to throw things together, feeling the ingredients. Now, this doesn’t work with macarons. Either you do it right, measuring everything to the point, or you don’t do it at all. Then you’re left with the oversweetened store version, which can be very disappointing. Once in a while, if I cannot control my macaron fever, I take a deep breath, clear my schedule and just go for it. The thing is, that the recipe works every single time, and I’m still sweating bullets while baking.


If they turn out to be right, these are the crunchiest and softest sweets one can ask for. Yes, they are crunchy and soft at the same time. The shells alone are nothing. They need to be paired with a very bitter chocolate ganache to truly fall in love with them.  This time I’ve been a little naughty and added a splash of Kirsch (a typical Swiss liquor) to the ganache. The cream, oh the cream… it brought the macarons to a whole new level. They were irresistible.

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