Limoncello-Lemon Cheesecake for Valentines Day

It’s soon Valentines Day. What do you give to your partner on this special day? I’ve never ever bought anything for my significant other for this day, I rather baked something delicious. You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Whoever said that knew men just too well, and I’m sure she was referring to this cake. Cheesecake is the direct way to my husband’s heart, and with this one I totally won him over once again.

We celebrated Valentines day early this year, because I’ve found these gorgeous heart shaped lemon cookies by Kambly, and I couldn’t resist them. Coeur Pur Beurre they are called in French, which means „hearts from pure butter”. It’s like poetry. So they landed in my shopping basket, and new exactly that they are going to end up in the Valentines day cake. I bought three packs, and I have to admit, that I ate one bag of cookies all by myself. They were too good to pass. They already have a strong, fresh, buttery lemon flavor, so it kind of defined my whole cake. I wanted to boost the lemon flavor, so I added lots of lemon juice and zest in the cream, plus a splash of Limoncello. That was a game changer. Limoncello made the whole cake taste simply sexy. I’m so happy how it turned out. It’s an unconventional, airy, summery, very fresh and seductive cheesecake. So far the best I’ve ever made. Even if you don’t like Limoncello, this cake needs it, asks for it. Without the lemon liquor it looses its charm, and who would want that, especially on the day of love.

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