The Last Blood Oranges Of The Season

The Spring has arrived. Honestly, I’m not even over of the winter yet. The year didn’t start out good for me. I have been in the hospital, I’ve lost some regular jobs, and I feel like the first two months of the year has been lost. According to my experience, when so many shitty things happen to you, something very good is just around the corner. So I stay positive, as always. The first good thing I can think of is that I have free time to do some personal projects that I’ve been planning for years to do. And second, I have more time to cook just for my own pleasure. Yeahhhh!

Beginning of this year, I have finally said my goodbyes to the old monolights and invested in an amazing Profoto unit. All I  can say is: OMG! Why didn’t I buy them years ago? They are simply amazing. I was so excited when they arrived, that I couldn’t pack them out fast enough. And of course, what kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t put them in use right away. I had some blood oranges lying around and I knew they gonna look beautiful on a photo. I was right, wasn’t I? I couldn’t even wish for a better subject for my first run with the new lights. I haven’t felt so excited for a long time. And what does a food addict do? Of course, whip up something sweet to be able to keep on shooting. Haha.




After squeezing so many oranges, I had to do something with the juice. The thing is the simpler the recipe is, the better it tastes. I didn’t overwhelm the citrus taste with too many spices, so I chose to bake a creamy, refreshing creme brulee. I think it was the best choice, but see it for yourself.

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