Kapia Pepper and Chickpea Spread – a piece of Morocco

Whenever I feel like eating some oriental food, I reach for cumin, chickpeas and roasted kapia pepper. A great combination of flavors, that nicely blend together. The taste of roasted pepper and chickpea, takes me to exotic places I’ve never been before. I imagine the streets of Morocco, the crowded Souq, the heavy smell of spices.

They are not only heavenly as spread, they go very well with smoked ham in a sandwich as well. I usually eat them though with home made Pita bread, but this time Katharina had a much better idea. She baked small apero like breadrolls with hazelnut. She was right. Hazelnut gives a nice, unexpected crunch to the rolls. Who would have thought that roasted kapia pepper spread taste so incredibly good with hazelnut.

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