Judging Instead of Cooking – Bretzeli Competition

Yep, it is the second time I was part of a jury, judging cakes, analyzing ingredients and cooking methods, and I loved it. Kambly has organized a Bretzeli recipe competition. The winner received a pure gold Bretzeli jeton. I think these competitions are not really about winning, but participating, sharing and connecting with others. It is pure fun. You’re probably wondering what a Bretzeli is. I didn’t know it either until I’ve moved to Switzerland. Simply put, it is a typical Swiss waffle-like biscuit. More specifically, my very favorite biscuit. They are everything you can ask for: they are crunchy, not overwhelmingly sweet and insanely buttery.


I, for obvious reasons, couldn’t send in a recipe, but I was itching to try the Bretzeli in a cake. Making a pie crust was too obvious. I rather wanted to see how they turn out being baked inside the cake. I’ve covered the bottom of the cake pan with Bretzeli and topped with a flourless, not too sweet hazelnut batter. I couldn’t resist cooking a rhubarb compote to the cake. It gave a fresh fruity touch. The batter softened the Bretzeli and gave the cake a very nice, surprising texture.  Could I have won the competition with it? I can’t tell but for sure I will save this recipe to my family favorites.

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