Italy, You Beautiful

Italy, a country of pizza and pasta in a nutshell, but it offers so much more. Honestly, I can not get enough of this beautiful country. I visit it every year, but I feel like even a lifetime is too short to see and try everything. The key to their wonderful cuisine is the simplicity. Take a look at Caprese, for example. You can master an unforgettable meal with four simple ingredients, mozzarella, basil, tomatoes and the finest olive oil. I think that’s the key to their success. Take the best and ripest vegetables, the best olive oil and mix it with the best and finest ingredients. That’s exactly my way of cooking.

Each region has its specialty, but one thing never changes. Italians like to eat, but not only that. They take the time to enjoy every single bite. I want to be honest with you; I am in love with this country and its culture, and I would like to move to Italy someday. Until then, I’m working on my Italian and cooking Polpette and Minestrone. Polpette is my family’s favorite dish. Every Italian family has their own recipe and over the years I have created my own.  And Minestrone is the soup of soups. The best thing is that you can change the vegetables in the recipe depending on the season. It will always taste good.


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