International Happiness Day – Make Someone Happy

It’s International Happiness Day today. It is a day to make someone happy, including yourself, because happiness is a human right and a fundamental human goal. In the past thirtysomething years, I’ve learned, that it actually does not take much to make an other person happy. Not everybody needs a huge present, and I’m not even sure that would make everybody happy, only momentarily maybe. Big, expensive presents are just what we want, but does not necessarily equals to what we actually need. Smiling on someone or just helping someone on the street to carry a heavy load, might change his/her whole day. Be grateful for what you have and try to give back some of it to others. Small gestures go a long way.

I decided to make the little munchkins happy in the kindergarten with a simple, and healthy flourless chocolate cake. Dark chocolate may raise the endorphin level, aka makes you happy.  What better could one bake on international happiness day than a fudgy, chocolate cake. (Did you now that there are other great natural „happiness” sources, like oranges, strawberries, chili and nuts among many others?) 

Who are you going to make happy today?

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