It’s Ice Cream Season

When Summer then ice cream. Or at least it is at my house. I’m not that much of an ice cream person… let me rephrase that. I’m not into the store bought, over-sweetened, artificially flavored ice creams. I like to make my own, and I like to make it special. Chocolate is the basic of course because that’s my daughter’s favorite flavor, but there are so many combinations you can whip up. Before you start the homemade ice cream project, make some space in the freezer, you will need it, trust me.

Once you whip up your very first batch of ice cream, there is no turning back. I’m very much into the sweet-salty combos, and the honey-sea salt flavor is the first I make every single year. This time I’ve added black sea salt for a little color pop, and I don’t regret it. If I have to pick my favorite ice cream, this would be just it. I was dying to make an avocado version. I like them in every form, and I knew it is going to be an instant favorite. It is so incredibly fresh, and what about that light green hue, it is so inviting. There are more ice creams on the way, stay tuned.

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