Home Made Pasta – Just Like an Italian Mamma

Do you know those Italian Mammas who are kneading, rolling, cutting pastas like no one else? I want to be one just like that. I bet you also like pasta (who doesn’t), but honestly, how many times did you make your own? To be honest with you, I’ve tried it more than once, but I’ve got easily tired of the hand operated pasta maker. It moved around all the time, I would have have needed at least 3 hands to correctly roll out a piece of lasagna pasta, so I quickly gave up on my dream.

My family is big on Italian cuisine, and the fresh home made pasta is unmistakably better than the dry one, so I jumped to the task again, this time with the pastry roller and tagliatelle attachment to my Kenwood stand mixer. All I can say is, that pasta making this time was ridiculously easy. How much easier life gets with the right machinery. I feel unstoppable, and many more pasta dishes are on the way! This time I prepared two recipes, a lasagna and a tagliatelle. I also gave a bit of dried porcini mushroom to one of the pasta dough, and the result was incredible. Nothing beats home made pasta, and that’s a fact. Although both of the dishes are prepared from the same batch of dough, they have a completely different character due to the shape of the pasta. This might sound strange, but I like every kind of pasta, except the penne. Go figure! It seems to be too thick to my taste, and I feel the dough overrules the sauce. We’ll see how I feel about the home made penne, but more on that later in another post at another time.

This is sponsored post in partnership with Kenwood Switzerland. All opinions are my own

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