Home Made Pasta and Co.

My family, my husband, and my daughter are big, if not the biggest pasta fans. They literally drive me crazy. They could eat noodles every day for a month if I would let them. We all consider pasta as a quick meal. Just cook the store bought noodles, pour some sauce over them and you’re done. Yes, I do that sometimes, but …. what if pasta could be something unique and extraordinary?

I like to knead my own pasta, especially for lasagna. But, I also own a Pasta Fresca attachment, which I can easily use to make fusilli, macaroni or linguine. If you think that making your own tagliatelle is fun, try Fusili. It’s surprisingly easy and I love it. I have prepared two very unique pasta with the Pasta Fresca attachment. The first can easily be classified in the dessert category. She is sweet and I colored it with raspberry powder. Sounds interesting, right? But it’s more than that, it’s a pure delicacy. The pappardelle consists of roasted and ground pecan nuts, which I combined with spicy cabbage and bacon. It turned out to be a great winter meal.

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