Happy Birthday Switzerland – 1.August Picnic

On the 1st of August, I feel like a little child. It is the National holiday in Switzerland, and either we grill in the garden, play cards and wait for the evening to finally light the fireworks, or we drive to Bern up on the Gurten and take our picnic basket with us. Its magical. You simply lie on your back and watch the fireworks explode just above your head. I try to be practical and put good things in the basket; usually pies. They are the perfect picnic meals because I can pack a whole lot of flavor in a handful of doughs and unlike sandwiches, pies give me the feeling of eating a proper meal. Here are my two favorite pies. One filled with delicious vegetables and poultry and the other with juicy berries. I wish you all a nice 1st of August. Happy Birthday, Switzerland!

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