Gluten Free Stollen

Gluten free flour mix

120 g corn starch
180 g wholemeal rice flour
150 g millet
25 g psyllium husk
10 g xanthan gum


370 g milk
30 g fresh yeast
110 g granulated sugar
150 g soft butter
1 egg
2 egg yolks
pinch of salt
zest of a lemon
zest of half an orange
100 g candied lemon peel
100 g candied orange peel
100 g almond slices
250 g raisins
75 ml rum
3/4 tso cardamom
3/4 tsp nutmeg
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1 large tsp vanilla extract
220 g marzipan


110 g liquid butter
caster sugar


  1. Mix the raisins, lemon and orange peels, zests, spices and almond in a bowl.
  2. Pour the rum over it,  cover and set aside for a couple of ours to let the fruit mixture soak.
  3. Place the gluten free flour mixture, yeast, soft butter, milk, salt and eggs in a mixing bowl. Knead the dough until smooth.
  4. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place it in a warm place to rise for an hour.
  5. Using the dough hook, knead the fruit mixture into the dough until combined.
  6. Halve the dough and shape it into two oval logs.Roll each piece of marzipan into a log the length of the oval and place it into the middle of the dough.
  7. Fold the dough over the marzipan and smooth the top with your hands.
  8. Cover the stollen loosely and let them rest 45-60 minutes
  9. Preheat oven to 180 C (fan forced)
  10. Bake the stollen in the middle of the preheated oven for approx. 30 minutes.
  11. Generously brush the stollen with melted butter while the stollen are still warm and sprinkle with lots of caster sugar.

Stollen is best served completely cooled, slice it only the next day.

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