From Fruit to Juice

Fruits and vegetables are always a good idea. But fruit and vegetable juice are even better. While I eat almost all kinds of fruits and vegetable, the rest of my family does not. Giving them vitamins in a natural form is not that easy, but I think that’s why they invented the juicer. I do not know why, but in liquid form, they are ready to consume even beets, celery or carrots. Of course, I always mix the vegetables with some apple or orange juice to make it sweeter.


In addition to drinks, I like to use the juice in desserts. I have now prepared a very fresh plum yogurt panna cotta. Yogurt and the plum juice give this traditional dessert a very fresh note. Perfect ending to a late summer dinner. If you are not a fan of plums, you can substitute it with another fruit juice. I also like to freeze the juice in ice cubes and use them in cocktails like Bellini. Next to the Aperol Spritz, Bellini is my other favorite summer cocktail. I don’t like the overly complicated drinks, and Bellini suits me with the delicate and fresh taste of peach just fine. 

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